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A Little About Us


iQe Academy is an education provider and study centre with an innovative and flexible approach to education. iQe Academy is run by industry experts with vast experience both in the UAE and internationally.

With an extensive understanding of the education framework both domestically and globally, our team of lecturers are here to provide quality education. The mission and vision of iQe Academy is to bring platinum standards of training and education to the region, with the purpose of providing a range of regulated courses that can raise standards in the Middle East.

The fusion between British regulated qualifications, delivered by a passionate and extremely qualified faculty, and delivered within an international setting is a truly wonderful concept. Our staff combine the drive and comprehension of the local environment with global knowledge and worldwide experience. By providing our students with robust learning pathways, we are preparing our future leaders with both internationally recognised qualifications and future employment success.
Our heritage, combined with strong professional relationships and our presence in the Emirates, places iQe Academy in the perfect position to promote further growth in the region that will benefit all educational institutes. The formation of iQe Academy with the vision of becoming the platinum standard training centre in the UAE, creates a platform to provide the highest quality professional training and services delivering global best practice, tailored to the needs of the local educational community. iQe Academy is run by experts in their fields with vast experience in the UAE, UK and beyond, with a deep understanding of how education functions globally.
The owners have been operating in Dubai since 2004 and have worked with governmental and regulatory bodies within the UAE including the Ministry of Education, Knowledge of Human Development Authority Dubai, National Qualifications Authority, Department of Education & Knowledge Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. They have extensive experience working with UK non-ministerial government regulatory bodies Ofqual, QAA, Federation of Awarding Bodies and top 10 awarding organisations within the UK.



Our Mission


iQe Academy are committed to providing internationally recognised and accredited, high-quality learning experiences, written by both domestic and international experts. Understanding that the world is digitally connected, we deliver courses that recognise diversity and provide a cultural and regionally relevant approach. iQe Academy believe that first-class education should be available to everyone with a desire to learn, so are committed to delivering our courses in the most affordable, accessible and flexible approach possible.

iQe Academy’s mission is that all people have access to the qualifications that will enable them to achieve their potential, not just in their careers, but personally too. We are dedicated to giving people the relevant tools to succeed for the rest of professional life. We want to make the process as simple and easy as possible, so that our learners will receive the guidance they need to get them where they want to be. 


Our Vision


The vision of our company is to encourage educational settings to work to the highest standards in order to raise the quality and competency of learning and development for children and their families across the Emirates. The founders of iQe Academy are proud to have built a reputation for the highest standard in their previous roles and have now united their talents and experience to form a training establishment that thinks globally and acts locally.
iQe Academy want to make a difference. Using qualifications as a pathway to deliver a unique and rewarding learning journey for students, whilst sharing effective inspirational best practice. iQe Academy are proud to have already established strong partnerships with many key stakeholders in the government sector and within the educational community. The rigorous and continuous professional development of the iQe Academy faculty, in conjunction with broad ranging expertise and impressive qualifications, will further enable iQe Academy to impart knowledge to all learners at the highest standard.


Our Commitment to Quality

Providing students with the highest quality learning experience possible is at the heart of what we do. This ensures that all learners are working to the highest standards throughout their learning journey and beyond. Quality assurance should underpin all qualifications. It is used to ensure that managers, assessors and internal quality assurers standardise their practice and are well supported.

Furthermore, it enables the recognition of good practice facilitating a high calibre educational experience for our learners assisting them to reach their own individual potential. iQe Academy will aim to provide an ‘enhanced’ quality assurance experience. We have taken the time to experience, research and understand local requirements and intricacies, for example, cultural sensitivity, language and government regulation. Anticipating and understanding these complexities prior to the delivery of the qualifications allows for an enhanced level of quality across various modes of learning, such as face-to-face and distance education.

This elevates the overall learning experience for the learners whilst adhering to the highest standards expected by the awarding organisations and regulatory bodies. iQe Academy’s chosen method of delivery will ensure that assessment is fair and consistent as defined by the requirements of the awarding organisations and that these standards are consistent throughout. Our quality assurance systems provide the opportunity to identify and support our programs in order to safeguard the qualification and ultimately certification by the awarding organisation. We will ensure that all assessors, tutors and internal quality assessors who deliver and audit our qualifications, are suitably qualified and experienced. All centre staff members will receive access to regular, continuous professional development (CPD) and awarding organisation or regulatory body training.