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The team at iQe combines the skills and expertise of over 60 years of experience delivering qualifications and training, both within the UAE and internationally. Our trainers are highly experienced in their field and are keen to ensure that learners are provided with both academic, theory and best practice support. The leadership and academic staff cohort represent a team that have been delivering training in Dubai (and the UAE) for many years and some have been residents in the Emirates for over 15 years. Our recruitment and selection ethos at iQe requires the highest calibre in those we select, as we believe in investing in our staff who in turn, invest in our students. By doing this, we effectively are able to deliver the highest quality by engaging with our industry leaders and stakeholders. All of our current and future trainers are fully qualified and experienced teachers, with international recognition of prior learning and delivery.

Rebecca Sprenger

Rebecca Sprenger


Rebecca studied Medicine at the University of Sheffield, before completing a Master of Public Health at the University of Derby. After completing a Diploma in Education and Training (Level 5), a Diploma in Strategic Management (Level 7), and a Diploma in Educational Leadership (Level 7), Rebecca was fast becoming the go-to consultant in education and training both in the workplace and the public health sector. Combining her passion for education and professional development, Rebecca headed up a UK company designed to educate industry leaders on how to improve the quality of life in numerous public health disciplines.

Rebecca joined Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance in 2011 and has since been recognised as one of the sectors most proficient compliance and auditing consultations. In 2014, Rebecca was promoted to International Director and relocated to the UAE to grow the compliance business globally, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality.

Rebecca has been a guest speaker at several educational events across the UAE, and regularly participates in conferences, expert panels to inspire the need to implement equality in education. Rebecca has sat on several regulatory boards in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, providing input on the implementation of the local regulatory framework in the UAE. Rebecca is well known for her stance on the importance of quality and regulated qualifications.

As a former student across multiple disciplines in multiple countries, Rebecca knows first-hand how the student journey can build a professional profile for life. In her determination and personal passion for consistency, Rebecca’s drive led her from conceptualisation to building iQe – one of Dubai’s most established educational institutions. As a thought-leader, Rebecca rarely has a day where innovation and exceeding potential is not part of her daily to-do list. When not changing the educational profile of the UAE, you will likely find Rebecca working on ways to support and celebrate tomorrow’s leaders.

Saima Yasin Razaq

Saima Yasin Razaq


Saima Razaq is the Founder of Quality Training Academy, she is a pure Educationist at heart and passionate about Good Quality Education and Professional Training to ensure Best Practice.

She is a Qualified Early Years Educator and Consultant, a well-known name in the Early Years sector. She has dedicated the past 20 years in the Middle East, working with various schools, nurseries, and training centers. As an Educationist, she has outstanding numbers of over 700 teachers successfully qualified under her belt.

With a vision to consolidate her experience further in the field of Education from the UK and the UAE, Saima has been working on her latest venture in creating an unparalleled Education Facility for aspiring professionals from around the world.

Anna Fenton‐Skinner

Anna Fenton‐Skinner


Anna Fenton‐Skinner has been working within the education sector in the UK and UAE for over 10 years in positions such as Head of Operations and Head of Corporate Reputation.

Anna has been instrumental in gaining and maintaining several new partnerships and accreditations as well as managing customer and learner relations. She has been involved in setting up centres and acquiring new courses with awarding organisations. She is also focused on coordinating events, managing stakeholder and supplier relationships, partnership agreements, HR and much more.

Aliah Lutfi

Aliah Lutfi


Aliah Lutfi’s experience ranges from insurance marketing to project and Emiratisation management. As a coach and mentor, Aliah understands the benefits to pay experience forward and support the success of others. Aliah has studied Psychology and Research ethics in Oregon at the prestigious Willamette University. More recently, Aliah has graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Early Childhood Studies from Middlesex University, 2017,  and a Masters Degree in Coaching and Mentoring, 2020, all while having three premature babies back to back.

Aliah has worked for AIG, AXA and MetLife in the Gulf region and is currently managing a number of education and Emiratisation projects across the sector. Aliah is fiercely passionate about educational reform, in addition to helping adults and children find their passion for education.In addition to a bursting portfolio, Aliah coaches mothers trying to find a balance between personal and study life. Alish is currently climbing the ladder to be one of the nation’s leading specialists in Emiratization.

Her passion for research and writing has led the way to some very relevant findings on both the Emiratization and parental front. Aliah has numerous papers currently under review for publishing and is known as an esteemed scholar across the sector. As an avid educationalist and researcher, Aliah is a dynamic, cutting edge game changer; unafraid of taking risks to better work culture and bridge the gaps between minorities and the workplace.Worldly and well-travelled, she takes pride in meeting with other academics around the globe