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Student Life 

Whether a new or current student, or a returning graduate seeking further study, we hope that your experience with the iQe Academy has given you the opportunity to be all that you want to be. You can browse the student life section of the website to find the information you need as an iQe Academy student or as a graduate looking to reconnect.

Enrolment Made Easy 

Welcome to iQe Academy! If this is your first time studying with us, you may be feeling a little lost, but don’t worry. From accepting your offer to your first day of study or training and beyond, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

iQe Academy delivers a robust and comprehensive suite of accredited courses and training offerings, from short courses and certificates, through to undergraduate degrees with university affiliations. If you received an offer and you’re ready to take the next steps in your journey, choose from the study level options below and we will take you through the enrolment process for your course, step by step.

It is really this simple! 

  1. optional, attend info session if applicable
  2. Register interest via phone, WhatsApp, email.
  3. Complete application form, and send in certificates and supporting documents
  4. Receive offer
  5. Sign learner contract
  6. Receive enrolment information  
  7. Attend induction

Student Support 

At iQe Academy, our friendly and dedicated Student Services team would love to meet you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have while studying with us both face-to-face, or via distance learning. Our friendly team is also available on email and phone for your queries.

Our dedicated student engagement and general advice team are here for you. We will answer your questions about your studies and life at iQe Academy, provide information on who to contact for help and suggest additional resources that may be useful to you.

Planning your study 

We understand the pressures that come with being a student. Juggling work, home-life and study can be demanding, and at times tricky to manage. We aim to ensure that when you select the course that is right for you, we will provide you with a comprehensive study plan so you can plan your term in advance. 

At iQe Academy, we want you to have an unforgettable study journey experience, so we will do all we can to provide the best study planner for you. 

Be Connected 

The world has become a smaller place when it comes to staying connected. Along with our social media channels, friendly staff and a diverse student cohort, our goal is to make sure you feel supported along the way. At iQe Academy, we provide a range of communication channels to keep our students connected, not only to their lecturers, but the administration team and fellow students also. 

One of the greatest benefits of study is meeting like-minded people who share similar aspirations and goals and we want to be part of your success story, from start to finish. 


We pride ourselves on offering more than just excellence in teaching. Our diverse range of courses allows for a student to immerse in academic study, both in theory and practical skills. Completing a qualification is important, but understanding how to take study to the next level is integral. Our range of iQe Academy benefits appeals to both our international and domestic students. Here are some of the benefits you will experience when choosing iQe Academy as your chosen provider:

Develop your workplace skills: At iQe Academy, we provide coaching and mentoring skills to support your student experience. We provide access to free short and professional development courses to boost your professional career. Learning is one thing – applying it is another. Let us help you take your study to the next level!

Be an alumni with a leading education provider: Please enjoy the benefits of being an iQe Academy alum. We are proud of your achievements, which are a testament to your drive and passion, and the education they received at our institution. 

Join a network of like-minded learners: Our fellow classmates one day, can be our future colleagues the next. Building up a solid and fluid industry network can offer future employment opportunities and valuable connections. Whether you are studying via distance learning or face-to-face at our Dubai location, interacting with your peers and lecturers can open conversations for discussing future employment opportunities, collaborations and even, a helpful study partner leading up to the exam and assessment period. 

Pick the pathway for you: As passionate educators, we understand that learning is never linear. We acknowledge that choosing the right time in your life to study is an individual and necessary choice to fit in with your passions and aspirations. With a comprehensive pathway plan, we allow for different entry points that recognise former credits and qualifications, establishing the study pathway that is right for you. 

Develop your international qualifications: At iQe Academy, we are recognised by our international stakeholders. In affiliation with the Anglia Ruskin University, University of Cumbria, and Leeds Beckett University, we enable our students to become global citizens, understanding that the world is a smaller place with even bigger opportunities. Take your study with iQe Academy and champion excellence in learning internationally.